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Xu Chi

Xu Chi graduated from the China Academy of Opera in 1997 with a major in stage art design. He was a distinguished teacher in the direction of film and television art design at the Department of Continuing Education at the China Academy of Opera. He is now an art director and director at Beijing Jiamu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Xu Chi has participated in many important art exhibitions, including the Urban Leaders Contemporary Art Exhibition, the opera-themed art exhibition held at the Mei Lanfang Grand Theater, the Guoyuan Fenghua Art Works Joint Exhibition, the China National Academy of Painting 2016 Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, and the Beijing Youth Biennale. wait. His works are also commonly seen in major art museums, such as the China National Academy of Painting Art Museum and its Shenzhen branch, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, and Taicang Art Museum. Xu Chi held solo exhibitions in 2019 and 2023 respectively. His works have been widely published in well-known professional media such as "Rongbaozhai", "New Beauty", "Ta Kung Pao", "Art World", "Corporate Culture" and so on.





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