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 Teng Xue

Teng Xue is an interdisciplinary artist who spans many fields including architecture, virtual reality, installation art, film and experience design. He studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London, where he received a master's degree. He was a researcher at the Interactive Architecture Lab and a co-author of Elixirt Studio, a post-digital work that uses art and technology to explore the impact of technological development on the human condition. room) co-founder. With a rich background in architecture, sociology and interaction design, Teng not only has the academic foundation and potential to stand out in the creative field, but also has a deep belief in the infinite nature of creativity, allowing him to embark on a diversified rather than traditional path in the art industry. . His awareness of sociology, especially his unique understanding of queer culture, and his interest in incorporating body movement expression into his projects bring a unique perspective, value and experience to his artworks. Teng's unique perspective and relentless passion for pushing design to its limits stem from a deep love of challenging the traditional boundaries of art and its relationship to the human experience. His work is a testament to his passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity. He enjoys thinking critically in different fields and exploring their potential intersections for further development and self-expression.





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