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Sia Li

Sia Li is an artist born in Jiangsu, China. She has rich painting experience and inner emotions since she was a child. Encouraged by her family, she began to explore art and showed a talent and passion for it. After high school, she decided to study illustration at Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London, becoming an artist focused on abstract emotion and environment. Sia li's work aims to express through visual language the connection between inner emotions and the external environment and how they affect each other. Her work revolves around abstract emotions and environments, often using pastel colors and smooth lines to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Her works reveal inner worlds and explore the subtle emotional connections between people and their environment. The environment is an essential element in her creation. Different environments also present different emotional states. The artist takes the environment as one of her creative inspirations and tries to transform it into abstract symbols and forms to express its emotions to us. and mood effects.

As an artist mainly engaged in painting, Sia's oil paintings have been exhibited overseas many times, including a group art exhibition held by Copeland Gallery in London.





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