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Yuwei Chen, a contemporary jewelry designer and the founder and designer of the jewelry brand LAUVA, graduated with a bachelor's degree from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and pursued master's studies at China University of Geosciences and Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, earning dual master's degrees. Her research primarily encompasses commercial jewelry, contemporary jewelry art, feminist art, and speculative critical design, winning numerous awards in the industry.

The artist adheres to naturalism in her creations, delicately exploring the dreamy and surreal aesthetic atmosphere and the affinity of its inherent organic combination, imbuing her works with a warm humanistic color. Due to her multidisciplinary studies and art experiences from traveling abroad, she excels at integrating the essence of Chinese traditional culture with contemporary jewelry art, making her works both imbued with Oriental implications and possessing an international perspective, rich in artistic agility and vitality.





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