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Giuseppe Yun

Giuseppe Yun was born in Lanzhou, Gansu in 1993. He was admitted to the Sculpture Department of the Accademia di belli arti in Firenze in 2012. In April 2020, he held his first solo exhibition titled "Cannot Be Flaunted" at the Idea Production Factory Gallery in Chengdu. , founded the "Artist Open Studio" (Chengdu Yuanke Art and Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) in 2021. In 2022, his works were exhibited in the "Moving People - Contemporary Art Works Exhibition" at Meisong Gallery in Beijing's 798 Art District , in the same year, he also participated in the 10th Online Crazy Exchange Conference (CAC) International New Contemporary Art Exhibition, as well as the "Yingguang Xing Cong - Online Exhibition of Contemporary Art Works by the Art Hundreds". In 2023, Xiang Ke's works "Chengdu's Second Ring Road" and "CHARTREUSE" were included in the "Complete Collection of Contemporary Art" by China International Publishing House. In March of the same year, he held a sharing and tasting session of "The Goddess in Oil Painting Colors" at Chengdu NIO Automobile.





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