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​Wang Chengjing

Wang Chengjing was born in Jinan, Shandong, China in 1993 and now lives in Chongqing. Graduated from Hunter College, City University of New York, in 2017, majoring in fine art - oil painting, minoring in art history; graduated with a master's degree from the Art University of San Francisco in 2019, majoring in 3D art. Her artistic works cover many fields such as easel painting, painting installation and 3D digital art.

The core of Wang Chengjing's works lies in the cyclical process of "destruction and reconstruction". She emphasizes the behaviors of covering and repetition in her works. Family changes and the death of loved ones in her personal experience made her realize that things and people cannot remain in a single and constant state forever, and her works show her deep reflection on the uncertainty of this change. Through her art, she questions the inevitability of accepting the laws of nature and explores the only coping mechanism an individual can control in the face of force majeure.

In Wang Chengjing's works, intimate narratives and abstract expressions are intertwined, reflecting her continuous repair of inner trauma and commemoration of the lost. Her almost paranoid repetitive behavior is not only a mourning for loss, but also an absurd and firm resistance to the powerlessness of reality. Such artistic language and form make her works visually and emotionally impactful and deeply resonant.





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