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Benedetta Chiari

Benedetta Chiari is an Italian contemporary visual artist working in photography, illustration, ceramics and assemblages of recycled materials. Born in San Miniato, she graduated from the Department of Decoration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and lives in Florence. Benedetta's works are presented as assemblages of somewhat disruptive materials, often taken from natural backgrounds, and repurposed in a graphic way. The scope of her experimental research lies between aesthetic and scientific relations, and she attempts to introduce and continuously develop new materials related to the concept of surface and landscape. Each of her projects aims to find an origin, a different relationship with matter that is transformed into another meaning in the work. Materials not only stimulate the visual organs, but also affect people's sense of touch. She hopes to connect humans with the natural environment and personify it with traces, reflecting on a possible new dialectic about nature and the inner world, about balance and imbalance.

Benedetta Chiari has an extensive exhibition experience and has participated in numerous workshops and artist residencies. She has participated in group exhibitions at Fortezza da Basso and Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, important exhibition venues in Florence, and in Wiesloch, Germany. Solo exhibition. In this exhibition, she will bring the organic painting "La Natura sulla Pelle" (Nature on the Skin) to express the separation of identity and body from daily life in a natural environment.





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