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Li Siyuan

Li Siyuan is an artist based in Beijing who is engaged in painting creation, the founder of a design office, and the founder and manager of a brand. He believes that design and art have many things in common. Most likely, they are both an awakening about life, aesthetics, people and objects, but this awakening is of the present and changes with time and space. Art and Design is all about conveying a theme, that is, "existence". For Li Siyuan, painting is an aesthetic activity, an activity that purely looks at things themselves at the moment. Discovering this pure appearance at the moment is itself an aesthetic act, and it is the current awakening of every thing, a leaf, a bunch. Light, a stone, a hug, etc., these things have a pure present, and this present aesthetic activity is produced by the interaction between the surrounding environment and the self, so as far as the artist is concerned, he is a person who puts himself into thousands of worlds. It is a process of constantly dissecting oneself, reflecting on oneself, and discovering one's own dynamics.

Li Siyuan has rich experience in domestic and foreign exhibitions and has won many important art awards. His works have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and South Korea, and he won the Asian Art Golden Feather Award at the 2023 art exhibition held at the Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka, Japan.





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