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Hu Yingri

Graduate student of the Printmaking Department of China Academy of Art, mentored by Ying Jinfei. His works have been selected for the First Yan'an Woodcut Biennale, Serbia International Print Triennial, Guangdong Province Yiya·Modern Watermark Print Exhibition, and West Lake Art Expo.
Hu Yingri's prints are more than just images; they are philosophical inquiries and silent poems about the nature of life. He uses the medium of watermark prints to convey the complexity of modern life and the multi-dimensionality of human experience, bringing the viewer into a metaphysical thinking space and challenging the boundaries of our perception of reality. In Hu Yingri's works, we witness the shuttle and interweaving of form and concept, like a weaver traveling through time and space. His watermark prints are a rearrangement of the cosmic tapestry, exploring complex visual and conceptual levels.





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