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Liu Lihong

Lihong Liu is a practicing artist and researcher based in London. She was awarded her doctoral degree in 2023. In 2022, she co-curated her first joint exhibition "Secret Heim" in the UK. As a researcher, Lihong presented her papers at The Cultural Literacy Everywhere Symposium on Dwelling, hosted online by University College Dublin, and Colouring In: The Past, a one-day symposium, hosted by the University of the Arts London in 2022. Also as an invited artist and researcher, she presented her paper at The 4th Barcelona Conference on Arts, Media & Culture, hosted in Barcelona, Spain in 2023. Lihong’s work spans various media, including drawings, sculptures and installations. Her earlier sculptures explored the relationship between memory and perception of daily objects via the use of traces of the absent and present, while her recent work examines the use of déjà vu as an artistic strategy of ‘affect,’ particularly in connection to the spatial and temporal displacement associated with the unheimlich (i.e. uncanny/un-homely). Lihong’s practice and its theoretical contextualisation address concepts prevalent in the philosophical and psychological literature about the relationship between déjà vu and the unheimlich. Her practice is specifically focused on the displacement that occurs when one is away from one’s home, continuing to question the idea of 'home', and the sense of continuity of home.

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