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Opening Ceremony| 2023 "Identity Cycle" Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition


Associazione Nazionale di Belle Art d'Italia


ISOLARTGallery &MUCCHI International Culture and Art Management Ltd.

Istituzioni Cooperanti

AUGUSTA S.R.L.S. &Creative Youth Community Development Initiative & Lory Digital Fine Art


VITTONI SPACE FLORENCE, Via dei Neri 11, 50122, FI, Italia




il 24 Novembre 18:00

Cosulente Accademico

Sandro Dionisio


Cao Yuanqi & Rui Xue

Artisti Partecipanti

Benedetta Chiari, Cai Qinying,Claudia di Francesco, Cecilia Xixi Liu, Cui Haobo, Echo Cho, Francesca Nev, Giuseppe Yun, Hu Danyang, Hu Yingri, Jane Yang,

Jenny Ping Lam Lin, Li Siyuan, Li Xinge & Jiang Lingjing, Lin Ziya, Liu Lihong, Liu Xinyao, Liven Zeng, Marco Ligabue, Nev, Qiao Lu, Raffaella Nappo, Robert Pettena, Sebastiano Branca, Sia Li, Sophie Dezhao Jin, Sophie Le Gendre, Teng Xue,

Tiziana Vittoni,Wang Chengjing, Xiaogoujuanzi, Xu Chi, Yan Yiru, Yang Lei,

Zhang Xin, Zhong Ming, Zong Yu


Shao Xiao

Shao Yu Hao

At 18:00 Rome time on November 24, 2023, it will be hosted by the Italian National Art Association (ANBAI), hosted by ISOLART Youshanlu Gallery & Mucchi International Wheatfield International Culture and Art Management Co., Ltd., Agusta Co., Ltd., and the United Nations CYCDI Environmental Protection Art Organization , LORY Art Workshop, the 2023 "Identity Cycle" Florence contemporary art exchange exhibition opened in VITTONI SPACE FLORENCE. As one of the most important China-European art and cultural exchange exhibitions, this exhibition will last until December 10.


学术顾问、著名导演、佛罗伦萨美术学院电影教授、意大利国家美术协会代表Sandro Dionisio 发表重要讲话

This exhibition displays about fifty works, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and video installations; it brings together artists from Italy, China, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Nigeria and other countries around the world. Each artist will have his or her own interpretation of the essential value of the work of art and will have a space suitable for expressing his or her own creative vision of existence and the world. The theme of this exhibition is "Identity Cycle", which is an interdisciplinary concept involving psychology, sociology, philosophy and other aspects of knowledge. This topic triggers people's thoughts and reflections on self-awareness, identity, and body. and explore the relationship between individuals and groups, ethnic diversity, and the environment. The artists on display will use different expressive languages to explore and reflect on this theme.

This exhibition is held at Vittoni Space Florence, one of the important art venues in Florence. It has held influential solo exhibitions for famous European artists such as Carlo Boanini, Carla Chiaberta and Alda Merini. This unique exhibition space is located in a century-old ancient palace that once belonged to the legendary Bagnesi family during the Renaissance. It is adjacent to famous landmarks in Florence such as the Arno River, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery and the Basilica of Santa Croce, providing a display platform full of historical atmosphere and cultural heritage for art works.

"The 2023 Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition is a group exhibition of contemporary art that compares and dialogues with two distant and different cultures, the West and China," said curators Cao Yuanqi and Rui Xue and academic consultant Professor Sandto Dionisio. ANBAI’s mission is to establish connections between the Italian government and the global art community by promoting the exchange and integration of cutting-edge artistic talents on an international scale, and to support the comprehensive development of mankind and the progress of artistic expression." Cao Yuanqi and Rui Xue concluded: "Everyone Visitors’ gaze can capture and create their own differences within their own culture and in comparison with other cultures.”

The special guest of this exhibition is a representative team from the United Nations Creative Youth Community Development Initiative (CYCDI). Foluke Michae, CEO and Project Director of Solution17, spoke at the exhibition and presented a series of lectures on identity cycles and climate. An action art piece, contemporary artists Olubunmi Oluwadare and Princess Marinay perform live paintings using a variety of materials.

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