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Zhang Xin

Zhang Xin was born in 1978 in Beijing. Graduated from the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University in 2003 with a bachelor's and master's degree, majoring in comparative literature. She has published fairy tale works, worked as a screenwriter for film and television dramas, and was the head of communications for public welfare organizations.

Since 2015, Zhang Xin has devoted herself to art creation and turned her interest and talent to the field of painting. Her paintings have been exhibited in Paris, France and London, England.

Zhang Xin advocates the absolute spirit of painting, constructing pictures to interpret the world from the perspective of points, lines, surfaces and colors. Her paintings often center on a face with strong personal characteristics. Although the identity and background are not involved, they clearly reflect the character's unique personality and emotions. Artists often emphasize the abstraction and texture details of the body in their works, forming a kind of "body ruins" to emphasize human imperfection and dignity. By exploring and displaying the inner tension, we explore the situation of human beings in the social environment and the light that human nature can shine under the squeeze of various forces.





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