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Qiao Lu

Qiao Lu is a scholar and artist with a diverse academic background. Her educational experience spans anthropology, sociology, visual spatial studies, and education. She is studying for a master's degree in social performance at UAL Central Saint Martins Arts and Design College, University of the Arts London. She is also conducting doctoral research in the field of social and visual anthropology. Her academic inquiry focuses on how the body is represented and perceived in contemporary society, and how the social properties and meanings of the body transcend physical form and are embodied in social relations.
Qiao Lu's work explores the body as metaphor and medium through physical projects and social practices, especially in terms of tension, entanglement, ambiguity and uncertainty, and redefines the dialogue between art and society. Her artistic practice is dedicated to rethinking structure and form, as well as the exchange between art and society. Her work has been exhibited in several international cities, including Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Paris, New York, Milan, Athens and Berlin.





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