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Claudia Di Francesco

Claudia Di Francesco is an active Italian visual artist and curator. She obtained a II level degree in Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Her artistic practice ranges from plastic and pictorial works to digital, through the experimentation of new media and contemporary languages. Her research moves between the instinctual and primordial dimension and a contemplative dimension that is at times ironic and dreamlike, through works conceived to be slowly "digested" by the gaze. The artist tries to create visual short circuits through the mixing or divergence between the materials of the work.
In 2018 she became Technical Coordinator of Teaching, Painting chair, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In 2021 she becomes Co-founder of the Eterotopie Association, organizational body of Contemporary Art in the Florentine territory, coordinator and artist of the artist residency at Palazzo Acciauoli, Florence. In 2022 she becomes Artistic Director of the "return to normality" Residency with the Cartavetra Gallery and director and coordinator of the "After" Workshop in collaboration with the Cartavetra Gallery for the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.
Participates in numerous national and some international exhibitions, 2019 “All Roads" in Changsha, in 2020 “Social Marking Exhibition" China, “Feast on Art" Rajatila Gallery, Finland, in 2021 the artist residency “Entropia” at the Contemporary Gallery Cartavetra, Florence, with final exhibition. The work Bua belonging to the series "I am a sad and angry tiger" represents a bold mix of Eastern and Western influences in a contemporary context. Through the distinctive use of bold pencil strokes, combined with the vibrant application of acrylic and oil paint, a visual language emerges that refuses to be confined to a predefined space.





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