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Opening Ceremony||“ RETURN TO THE LOSTLAND ”2023/2024Florence International Annual Art Exhibition

On March 9, 2024, the "RETURN TO THE LOST LAND" 2023/2024 Florence International Annual Art Exhibition grandly opened in the heart of Florence, Italy. On the day, the gallery exhibition space, located adjacent to the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace in Florence, welcomed numerous luminaries from the art, culture, media, and education sectors, as well as participating artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. Guests engaged in lively discussions about the theme of the exhibition and exchanged artistic views while admiring the artworks.

The theme of the exhibition is "RETURN TO THE LOST LAND" . This theme is not only a geographical concept but also carries an artistic extension of meaning. Against the backdrop of a major global transformation in economy, culture, and society, the exhibition, for the first time, focuses on humans as the main subject. It deconstructs the deep logic of the fusion between inner emotions and the changing times, exploring the fluctuations of artistic emotions in individual destinies. This has profound historical significance and a surreal contemporary relevance in reconstructing human values and social thought trends. The artworks presented at the exhibition allow both artists and viewers to savor the deep affection for past events, memories of childhood places, and reminiscences of lost loves.

ISOLART & Beijing Youshanlu Gallery is an art institution dedicated to the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures. This year marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Marco Polo, and in order to promote cultural exchanges between China and Italy and enhance the friendship between the peoples of the two countries, ISOLART & Beijing Youshanlu Gallery has planned this event. The gallery has hosted several influential international art exhibitions in the past. Through organizing exhibitions, seminars, and other activities, ISOLART aims to showcase the common values and unique perspectives of China and Italy in artistic creation and cultural understanding. It provides artists and audiences with a pathway to explore and experience different cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding and mutual learning.

This exhibition received strong support from the Florence City Government of Italy, the Italian National Fine Arts Association (ANBAI), the Florence International Exhibition Center, MUCCHI Wheat Field International Culture, and extensive media coverage. Media outlets such as ANSA, La Repubblica, and La Nazionale have all reported on this exhibition. Toscana TV, a television station in the Tuscany region of Italy, interviewed Mr. Cao Yuanqi, the chief curator, and covered the event on-site. Over 3.7 million viewers from Italy and around the world watched the broadcast.

This exhibition brought together 35 outstanding artists or groups from different countries or regions, including Italy, China, the UK, France, the USA, and Egypt, showcasing over 50 pieces of artwork. The types of works on display include oil paintings, prints, mixed media paintings, digital paintings, photography, installations, video art, and new media interactive installations. Each artist, with their personalized artistic techniques, deconstructed and presented their understanding of the theme "RETURN TO THE LOST LAND" to the audience, guests, and followers.

Artists Participating

Yuri Biagini - Giovanni Bonechi - Yuwei Chen - Lilyan Cheng - Tinchan Cheung - TaylorChyn - Danrong Fu - Hu - Siqi Huang - Jordan Leung - Jozie Lin - Chengchun Liu - Lihong Liu - Shuyi Liu & Yachu Feng - Yixu Liu - Lingyun Lu - Rongrong Luo - Xiaodong Ma - Qian Sun - Chongzheng Tan - Tboer - Shunyu Tian - Xinyuan Wang - Chi Xu - Yuheng - Rico Mengmeng Yu - Xin Zhang - Xintong Zhang - Yiqi Zhao - Ming Zhong

Exhibition Preview

As part of the commemoration of the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death, ISOLART's next exhibition is an invitation showcase for contemporary Italian artists, themed "Soglie dell'Invisibile". It plans to invite 10 renowned contemporary Italian artists along with global artists for a joint exhibition. The aim is to delve into the hidden thresholds and barriers of human cognition and the passion for crossing those thresholds and breaking barriers to embrace the tumultuous seas of thought. The exhibition encourages artists to interpret their imaginations of the hidden world through various art forms such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and video. It explores the boundaries between reality and illusion, the tangible and the intangible, reflecting on the ability of art to reveal hidden truths through the facade of reality, showcasing the tension of imagination and the expressiveness of art in transcending physical and conceptual barriers. Thus, "Soglie dell'Invisibile" becomes a manifestation of human curiosity, an expression of the desire to explore the unknown, and a continuous search for meaning in a world full of mysteries. It declares humanity's ongoing exploration of what lies beyond the visible horizon. In the 700th year since Marco Polo's passing, this exhibition serves as a tribute to this outstanding explorer and ambassador of East-West cultural exchange.


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