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Art Week Italia di Santa Maria del Fiore

Host:Itaian National Association of Fine Arts (Associazione Nazionale di Belle Arti d’Italia )

Organizer: ISOLART Gallery,Mucchi International Culture and Art Management Ltd

Location: Vittoni Space Florence, Via dei Neri 11, 50122, Florence, Italy

Time: 13/12/2023-20/12/2023

The first Santa Maria del Fiore Art Week is sponsored by the Italian National Art Association (ANBAI) and jointly sponsored by ISOLART Gallery. It is a global multi-line new concept art exhibition centered on Florence, the Renaissance capital, and will be held on December 13 to December 20th, it will be held in the independent art gallery Vittoni Space Florence inside the Bagnesi family palace in the center of Florence and in the Cathedral Square of Santa Maria del Fiore. It is composed of both inside and outside the venue.

Topic: Is consumerism the new faith?

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a famous landmark building in Florence, Italy, and a world-renowned Roman Catholic building. This Madonna of Flowers Art Week will focus on the topics of faith and consumerism. What we are discussing is not purely ideological spiritual beliefs and narratives about the Holy Family, but a reflection on the concept of faith itself and the evolution of faith in the capitalist world where consumerism is prevalent.

Exhibition plan:

This exhibition is divided into two parts: inner and outer. The inner exhibition refers to the exhibition of paintings, sculptures, installations, photography and experimental video works in the fixed exhibition hall of Vittoni Space Florence.

The off-site exhibition is a performance art about the contradictory and permeable relationship between consumerism and spiritual beliefs initiated by the curatorial team. The performance art will be completed in the famous Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. As the initiator of the performance art, the curator will wear plain robes and jointly sign the participating artists. The participating artists will hand out luxury cards to passers-by in this world-famous European religious shrine. Indulgence, together create an interactive absurd spectacle that is penetrated by self and consumerism in the context of contemporary society.

This exhibition also widely solicits global linkage performance art from artists around the world that conforms to the theme of "Consumerism and Spiritual Belief".

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