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Inner Iridescence

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Bea Hatchere

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Bea Hatcher is a UK-based printmaker and illustrator. Her work encompasses a variety of media, including mono-print, digital design, screen-print, ceramics, and hand-drawn compositions. She finds inspiration through the use of bold and vibrant colors, which evoke a range of emotions.


Bea enjoys focusing closely on layers of color and texture to convey a visual narrative and create a sense of familiarity for the viewer. She believes that color is an integral part of the human experience, with a powerful influence on emotions, behavior, and mood that deserves celebration.


By experimenting with the combination of abstract mark-making and shapes in her creative process, she creates prints that are unexpected and unpredictable. Mono-printing allows her to transform uncertain movements into art and embrace playful exploration, rather than confining herself to rigid boundaries.


We are delighted to present the works of Bea Hatcher, a talented printmaker and illustrator from the UK. Bea's artistry revolves around the exploration of bold colors and intricate layers of lines, creating captivating and visually stimulating compositions. In her prints, Bea delves into the rich interplay between vibrant hues and meticulously crafted textures. Each artwork tells a unique story, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of inner exploration and emotional connection. The use of color in Bea's pieces is intentional and thought-provoking, evoking a range of emotions and stirring the imagination.


Bea's creative process is marked by a playful experimentation with abstract mark-making and shape. This approach allows her to infuse unpredictability and spontaneity into her prints, resulting in captivating visuals that captivate and engage the viewer. By embracing the freedom of uncertain movements, Bea's artworks exude a sense of energy and dynamism.


Through her art, Bea celebrates the profound impact of color on our moods, emotions, and overall human experience. Her works invite us to celebrate the beauty and complexity of our inner worlds, and to embrace the joy and freedom that art brings.We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bea Hatcher's prints, where color and form come alive, and emotions find a visual voice. Experience the captivating allure of her artwork firsthand and join us in celebrating the talent and creativity of this remarkable artist.

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Inner Iridescence


A series of screen-prints and mono-prints that depict the inner emotions we experience as humans, expressed through the use of color. It explores the connection between emotion and color, and how different hues can affect individuals in unique ways, transporting them to various memories and feelings.


Bea Hatcher believes that color is a powerful tool of communication. She is intrigued by its influence on mood and psychological state, which she loves to explore in her creative process. The evocative nature of colors, with their endless tones and hues, is inherent in everyday human experiences and should be celebrated.Her playful approach to art inspires her to infuse a sense of play in her own life and, hopefully, in the lives of others. She believes that art should feel like play, offering freedom, enjoyment, and adventure.


By experimenting with abstract mark-making and embracing uncertainty, she creates prints that are unexpected and unpredictable. This grants her the freedom to welcome uncertain movements and layers of texture, allowing her to play rather than confining herself to predefined boundaries.

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