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(1997-),一位多面的当代艺术家,从事绘画、录像、摄影、装置等工作。 毕业于意大利佛罗伦萨美术学院视觉新语言表现系,西安美术学院油画系。 主要艺术研究方向为象征语言、奇幻生物形象和生态艺术,以及后人类时代技术渗透下人性的转变。




· Rui Xue (Dec 2023). 《山海经》图像艺术及美学分析[An Analysis of the Graphical Art and Aesthetics of the Classic of Mountains and Seas]. Culture Journal, 23 (12), pp. 248-251, ISSN 1673-7725.

· Rui Xue (June 2023). 符号性语言在现当代艺术中的表达与转向[The Expression and Turn of Symbolic Language in Modern and Contemporary Art]. Journal of Jiaozuo University, 23 (2), pp. 37-40, ISSN 1008-7257.

· Rui Xue (2023). L’Ecosistema di Rete delle Creature Fantastiche nell’Arte Contemporanea: La Sua Metafora e La Proiezione Sociale dalla Cultura Cinese all’Orizzonte Internazionale[The Network Ecosystem of Fantastic Creatures in Contemporary Art: Metaphor and Social Projection from Chinese Culture to International Horizon], supervised by Professor Gaia Bindi (Director of Florence Academy of Fine Arts) and Professor Raffaella Nappo (MFA Dissertation to be published).

· Rui Xue (2024). Hybrid Mythological Images in Italian Renaissance Art and Contemporary Mythological Narratives, cited in Exhibition Catalogue of "MEDUSA, La Gorgone", Villa Trossi, Isolart Gallery.


· "MEDUSA, La Gorgone" 2024 Livorno Medusa Art Prize, Co-curator, Villa Trossi, curated by ISOLART Gallery in collaboration with Fondazione d’Arte Trossi-Umberti, sponsored by Livorno Municipality & Tuscany Regional Government, Livorno. 07.2024

· "MAPPE" 2024 Milan International Art Week, Co-curator, Gli Eroici Furori Arte Contemporanea, Milan. 06.2024

· "Soglie Dell'Invisibile" 2024 Italian Contemporary Artists Invitational Exhibition, Co-curator, ISOLART Gallery, Florence. 05.2024

· 2023/2024 "Return To The Lost Land" Florence International Annual Art Exhibition, Co-curator, ISOLART Gallery & Cartavetra Gallery, sponsored by Florence Municipality, Florence. 05.2024

· Art Week Italia di Santa Maria del Fiore, Vittoni Space Florence & Piazza di Duomo, curated by ISOLART Gallery, hosted by Italian National Association of Fine Arts, Florence.10.2023

· 2023 "IDENTITY CYCLE" Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Vittoni Space Florence, curated by ISOLART Gallery in collaboration with Sandro Dionisio, Florence.11.2023-12.2023

· "After T-ESSERE" Workshop Exhibition, Cartavetra Gallery, curated by Pietro Desirò, Florence. 01.2023

· Artist of The Year in Brussels, Espace Art Gallery, hosted by Effetto Arte Fondazione, Brussels. 01.2023

· "HIDE AND SEEK", Palazzina dell'Indiano Arte, curated by Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Florence. 01.2023

· "MIND THE MAP", Manifattura Tabacchi, curated by Robert Pettena in collaboration with NAM-Not a Museum and Toast Project Space, Florence.06.2022

· Art Xiamen Fair, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall A1-A2, in collaboration with IF ART Gallery, Xiamen.06.2020

· "The Ancient City on The Tableland" The 2nd Houtan Contemporary Art Fair, Dahua 1935 Museum, hosted by Art Bund, Xi'an. 12.2019-01.2020

· "Under The Lion Forest" The 1st Taihu Biennale, Yilinyuan Gallery, hosted by Art Bund, Suzhou.11.2019-12.2019

· "Autumn River Adding Radience With Vast Sky" Art Dialogue Exhibition, Golden Valley Galleries, hosted by Art Bund, Suzhou.09.2019-10.2019

· "Collision and Metamorphosis" The 1st 1935 Triennial, Dahua 1935 Museum, hosted by Art Bund, Xi'an. 05.2019




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· Address: Via De'Neri 11, FI, Italy (ISOLART GALLERY) 

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