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"Existentialism" - Taylor's Contemporary Jewelry Art Exhibition


Exhibition Date: 16 - 30 June 2024

Location: Via de' Neri, 11 50122 Firenze, ISOLART GALLERY


We live in a complex world, where each of us experiences the anxiety and confusion of existentialism to varying degrees. Artist Taylor examines this world with a unique perspective, presenting the ideas of existentialism through the medium of contemporary jewelry art.


This exhibition takes "existentialism" as its core theme, guiding the audience through a series of avant-garde and distinctive jewelry works that reflect the artist's inner thought process. Each piece expresses Taylor's unique insights into life and self-awareness. Whether it is a heavy-handed questioning or a mysterious fantasy, they all find an outlet for emotional catharsis within the works.



Visitors will feel the tension and excitement of existentialist thought here, appreciating the artist's singular interpretation of the mysteries of life. Let us step into this familiar yet strange world of existentialism together, to explore the meaning and value of human existence.

Taylor is a contemporary jewellery designer and founder of the brand Taylorchyn. He is currently studying Jewellery and Object Design at the University of Birmingham. He has a knack for looking at things from the outside and exploring their essence, using the power of art to explore the meaning and value of life. With outstanding design concepts and exquisite craftsmanship, Taylor's work often combines avant-garde shapes, elegant colours and delicate details, allowing the wearer to feel the deeper meaning behind the jewellery.

Taylor is also passionate about jewellery innovation and experimentation, constantly exploring new materials and techniques in an attempt to break through traditional design limitations. He is inspired by his thoughts on human nature, society and the universe, and hopes to convey more insights about life through the art of jewellery.

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