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INSIDE BANKSY Florence multimedia digital art graffiti-themed immersive exhibition

As a special category of contemporary art, graffiti art has always been sensitive and controversial. Whether it is the deviant theme of the performance, or the legal debate on the form and occasion of the activity, this kind of art often gives people a sense of marginal mystery and immediacy of tentative intentions. Graffiti art always appears in an avant-garde, wild and playful way, triggering emotions of surprise or panic in the crowd, but then disappearing unexpectedly.

As a world-famous British street artist, Banksy has taken the satire and mystery of graffiti art to the extreme. He has never disclosed his true identity or portrait, and always keeps the part of himself except the work itself out of the public eye. Of course, this choice was initially tied to the illegality of graffiti in the UK. Banksy's works were called "terrorist art" by the British media in his early years. His graffiti activities were often tracked and suppressed by the police and officials, which also created his "guerrilla-style" graffiti creation and lifestyle.

In fact, although his works are highly regarded and have repeatedly sold for sky-high prices at auction houses, Bansky does not have the willingness to cooperate with major museums and galleries like other well-known mainstream artists. On the contrary, his rebellious behavior makes them very It is a headache and difficult to reach a cooperation project that satisfies the wishes of both parties. Large-scale official art exhibitions about Banksy rarely exist. "

Banksy's most famous act of artistic rebellion occurred seconds after his graffiti creation "Girl With Balloon" sold for a whopping £1.04 million at Sotheby's auction on October 5, 2018. , the painting automatically descends and is crushed by a shredder disguised as a picture frame. The artist later quoted Picasso's famous quote on social media to comment on the farce: "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge."

This rare Banksy themed exhibition is located in the Cattedrale dell' immagine, a Romanesque Roman Catholic church built in the 11th to 12th centuries near the Ponte Vecchio in the center of Florence, Italy. It is also the first long-term multimedia digital art immersion in Italy. exhibition art space. Based on the particularity of the graffiti art medium and the original display method, this exhibition officially adopted a multimedia form to present the artist's graffiti world.

This is a special exhibition experience. After entering the exhibition hall, you will be greeted by a series of graffiti works by Banksy in motion from different periods. They have been extracted from the original location and position on politics and history, and even... Media and size are projected on the inner walls of the ancient building in a dynamic collage, intertwining new meanings in this immersive space. The exhibition hall retains the worship seats of the church itself, so that the audience can fully appreciate the immersive multimedia graffiti exhibition through the special perspective surrounded by it, and experience the absurd shock of the artistic rebellion of "Inside Banksy".

After passing the stairs towards the deeper space of the church, you can come to the Banksy graffiti art VR virtual reality experience area. The exhibition staff arranged the VR equipment in a scene similar to the interior space of a bus. This is of course another detailed design that reshapes the echo between reality and virtuality. After taking a seat and wearing VR equipment, the audience entered the Banksy Art District from a first-person perspective in virtual reality. Participants tour the neighborhood from a driver's perspective, immersing themselves in street culture and Banksy's famous graffiti that can be found around the world. In reality, it is difficult for us to view a large number of Banksy's graffiti works at the same time without departing from the original creation location, motivation and scene, but this is obviously possible in the VR scene.

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