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Liu Xinyao

Liu Xinyao, contemporary artist, professional member of Shenzhen Illustration Association. He has won numerous awards in domestic and foreign art and design competitions, including the Bronze Prize of the 2nd International Student Art Prize of the International College; the Bronze Prize of the Hong Kong Contemporary Design Award; the Bronze Award of the 5th International Environmental Protection Charity. Design competition; and the first national cultural creativity competition for college students in the defense and military industry 2020. National second prize; G-CROSS Global Student Creative Gold Star Award National Bronze Award; BICC Sino-British International Competition Bronze Prize; 2021 International Contemporary Youth Art Design Bronze Award in the Competition; Singapore Sands Art Design Competition 2021 Silver Prize; Bronze Award; the second bronze medal at the international trend design competition; 2022 New Youth Cup Global Youth Creative Award for Calligraphy and Painting; Bronze Medal at the 2023 London Chinese Art Exchange Exhibition. Global Finals, etc. His works were exhibited at the Art Exhibition of Taizhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2023.

Exhibition Experience: "I - Women's Themed Artwork Exhibition" 2023 Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Ximei Art Creation Space.





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