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2023 Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition“Cycle Identity”

2023 Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition“Cycle Identity”

Host:Itaian National Association of Fine Arts (Associazione Nazionale di Belle Arti d’Italia )
Organizer: ISOLART Gallery,Mucchi International Culture and Art Management Ltd 
Location: Vittoni Space Florence, Via dei Neri 11, 50122, Florence, Italy
Time: 24/11/2023-10/12/2023

Participating artists

Benedetta Chiari, Cai Qinying, Cui Haobo, Francesca Rui, Hu Danyang, Hu Yingri, Jane Yang, Li Siyuan, Li Xinge, Liu Lihong, Liu Xixi, Liven Zeng, Marco Ligabue, Raffaella Nappo, Robert Pettena, Sia Li, Sophie Le Gendre, Teng, Tiziana Vittoni, Tsin, Wang Chengjing, Xiaogoujuanzi, Xu Chi, Yan Yiru, Yang Lei, Yuanke, Zhang Xin, Zhong Ming, Zongyu.


The theme of 2023 Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition is "IDENTITY CYCLE", which is an interdisciplinary concept involving psychology, sociology and philosophy. It defines a person's self-perception and the projection of an individual's portrait by the environment. In the context of contemporary social phenomena and contemporary art, identity is no longer a constant frame comment on an individual, but a fluid cognition of individuals in a group that is cyclical and constantly iteratively updated. The theme scope of exhibition includes all discussions on self-awareness, identity, body, and reflection on the relationship between individuals, groups, and the environment. Of course, based on the number of exhibition spaces, the curatorial team will also categorize the works based on form, theme, size, and color, so as to ensure the complete presentation of the artworks, and to make sure each individual hall have the most harmonious, consistent, and unique tone.
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