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About the project


We are thrilled to announce our latest endeavor at ISOLART GALLERY, the Artist Pop-Up Exhibition project. This initiative aims to showcase the exceptional works of emerging artists from around the world.At the core of this project is the opportunity to provide a platform for budding artists to exhibit their creations and engage in meaningful conversations with individuals in the art community. We believe in supporting and promoting the talent and creativity of these up-and-coming artists, offering them a chance to shine and connect with a wider audience.



The Artist Pop-Up Exhibition will feature a diverse range of artworks, spanning various mediums and artistic styles. From paintings and sculptures to digital art and mixed media installations, we aim to create an immersive and captivating experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.By bringing together a curated selection of emerging artists, we hope to foster a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that encourages dialogue and exploration of contemporary art.


This project not only provides exposure for talented artists but also serves as a platform for art lovers to discover fresh perspectives and engage with the latest trends in the art world.We invite you to join us in celebrating the creativity and passion of these emerging artists at the Artist Pop-Up Exhibition. Stay tuned for updates on the participating artists and exhibition dates. Together, let's embrace the power of art and support the growth of the next generation of artistic visionaries.

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